Solidatus: Automated, enterprise-scale data lineage

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This case study details how Solidatus enabled a global retailer to visualise their end-to-end data flows and support and connect key business domains.

After taking over an e-commerce start up, the retailer saw sales soar by 63% and online inventory grow from 10 million items to over 67 million. With this growth, came complexity, with sources of data becoming unclear.

Award-winning Solidatus enables organisations to understand and trust data, reduce costs, mitigate risk, demonstrate compliance, eliminate data debt and automate process.

Download this case study to find out how Solidatus enabled the company to:

  • Build a visual, searchable and transparent view of the input/output pipelines from their data platform.
  • Trace data back to its origin, obtain impact assessments of modifications to upstream systems and provide greater quality assurance.
  • Build lineage automatically from source, with unlimited potential to scale.