SDxWORx Multi-Cloud Networking Use Cases

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Are you concerned about the GDPR Data Residency challenges in public cloud Post-Brexit?'

Avoid all risks and any uncertainty with our pioneering yet simple Multi-Cloud Network strategy.

SDxWORx would like to introduce you to a unique CapEx free Multi-Cloud transit network strategy that can help your business overcome potential incompliance challenges in the public cloud. We are a UK-based start-up building enterprise-grade cloud networks with high-performance end-to-end encryption. Our solution cuts down upfront CapEx by eliminating the physical connectivity costs i.e. from on-prem DC or colocation connectivity that are required to build multi-cloud networks. It provides centralized control and network visibility through a user-friendly interface for the IT teams to manage, operate and troubleshoot the complete cloud/multi-cloud/multi-account network.  

We work with- Microsoft, Amazon, Google Cloud, Oracle and Aviatrix.