Napier: AML Maturity Model

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The Napier AML Maturity Model is designed to help regulated organisations who are looking to upgrade or replace their existing AML technology with a way to identify their current state and what best practice looks like.

In a world where losing the fight against financial crime has huge consequences for organisations, both in terms of monetary loss as well as in reputational damage, the stakes have never been higher to get AML right.

The Napier AML Maturity Model (NAMM) provides organisations with a means to:

  • Perform an assessment of where they stand in terms of AML strategy (specifically with regards to use of technology)
  • Monitor progress in improving maturity
  • Implement benchmarks in order to identify best practise targets

Technology for technology’s sake is no answer.

The entire approach to how technology can enable efficiency and drive results specifically for AML needs deep understanding.

There are two basic questions an organisation should ask:

  • Do we know what a successful AML programme looks like?
  • Do we know the stages of how to get there?