LeanIX: IT Cost Savings – A Guide to Application Rationalization

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Today’s modern business requires an agile IT landscape to support fast-pace changes coming from digital transformation. As a result, the IT application landscape can become quite messy. Large enterprises implemented thousands of applications in their portfolio fueled by drivers such as strategic merger and acquisitions, organizational changes, hardware upgrades, and even adoption of new cutting-edge technology.

Frequently this leads to a complex IT application landscape that’s expensive to maintain. This environment can produce silos of redundant information that impacts the bottom line. Enterprise architects need a way to stay abreast of the application portfolio to make decisions on software licenses and application lifecycles, ultimately to save on IT costs. The answer? Application rationalization.

In this white paper:

  • Learn the basics of application rationalization.
  • Understand why application rationalization will benefit your enterprise.
  • Determine how application rationalization helps enterprise architects to make insightful decisions on the application portfolio and roadmap.
  • Apply the steps to guide you in your application rationalization efforts.