phoenixNAP: Empowering SaaS providers with a Secure Infrastructure

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Even though the original resistance to moving critical applications to remote servers has largely faded over the past few years, SaaS vendors are still concerned over the secure implementations of SaaS software. They are under pressure to keep their customers’ data protected even in case of a breach or a data disaster on the customers’ end.

This is why data security is a common concern for SaaS providers, especially if they operate in regulated sectors such as Finance and Legal where security is the core business foundation. Recognizing their challenges, this white paper aims to provide guidelines and best practices for ensuring data security by leveraging phoenixNAP’s Data Security Cloud platform.

SaaS providers looking to enhance their infrastructure security will learn:

  • What the common SaaS security concerns are and what it takes to ensure data security.
  • How SaaS providers can meet the demands for performance and security using a scalable infrastructure.
  • How to easily deploy a secure cloud-based architecture that offers multi-layered data protection.
  • What the key features of phoenixNAP’s Data Security Cloud are and how it helps SaaS providers meet their security and compliance goals.