Darktrace: Threat Discover Ransomware

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Ransomware is growing in sophistication and scale, with new strains constantly emerging. Conventional security tools are struggling to identify these novel and fast-moving attacks, relying on a rules and signatures approach which fails to account for evolutions in attacker techniques. 

Darktrace Cyber AI autonomously neutralizes advanced ransomware at machine-speed.  By learning what ‘normal’ looks like for each unique organization, the AI can detect and respond to the subtlest signals of emerging threat in real time, acting with surgical precision to interrupt the attack – before the damage is done. 

Read this ransomware threat discovery document to discover:

  • How self-learning Cyber AI autonomously neutralizes emerging threats in seconds
  • Real-world case study: Cyber AI interrupts ransomware over the weekend
  • Real-world case study: Interrupting Ryuk ransomware with Cyber AI 

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