Cinchy: Dataware: Eliminating Data Integration

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How Dataware is leading the data revolution and solving data complexity by decoupling data from apps.

Discover how Dataware makes it possible for apps and users to collaboratively manage data without creating new silos, copies, and integrations. In this white paper, learn how Dataware blends the benefits of all the other data strategies into a unified approach for building data-centric apps.

· Why other data and application integration solutions and strategies just don’t cut it

· What makes Dataware different from Data Warehouses, Data Lakes, MDM, Knowledge Graphs, etc.

· How Dataware solves all the pain points that make app-centricity a problem

· 4 quick ways to begin leveraging Dataware to solve real-world problems

o User-managed data collaboration platform

o Application augmentation (CRM, ERP, HRMS)

o Digital Integration Hub / Data Fabric

o Cross application persistence and controls as a service