Catalytic: Bosch rapidly scales automation with Catalytic

Published on
07/09/2020 04:36 PM

Catalytic has been a driving force within Bosch’s digital transformation journey. In just 18 months, Bosch’s use of Catalytic has grown from a pilot automated process to 5 million automated tasks annually across 31 countries.  

Bosch chose Catalytic for four main reasons:

  • The ease of building automations allowed Bosch to quickly scale them throughout the company and realize value. 
  • Catalytic’s ability to orchestrate processes that include humans in the loop meant that more processes could ultimately be automated.
  • Catalytic’s platform met Bosch’s rigorous cloud security needs, critical for a company of its size and global footprint. 
  • With RPA tools also in play at Bosch, Catalytic’s tight integrations meant that it could unlock even more value from across Bosch’s technology stack.

In July 2019, Catalytic was honored with the Bosch Global Supplier Award in the Innovation category, from among the company’s 43,000 suppliers.