Barracuda: Spear Phishing – Top Threats and Trends Vol. 1

Published on
28/05/2020 04:41 PM

Top Threats and Trends

Best Practices to Defeat Evolving Attacks

Protect your business from sophisticated, targeted and costly spear-phishing attacks.

See the revealing new details about spear-phishing attacks, including the latest tactics used by cybercriminals to bypass traditional email security and the top best practices to defend your business:

How brand impersonation is being used in more than 80% of spear-phishing attacks, which brands are the most impersonated and which employees are most targeted.

Why sextortion scams, a form of blackmail that makes up 10% of all spear-phishing attacks, continue to increase in popularity, which industries are most targeted and which types of approaches are being used to launch attacks.

Which 10 popular domains are used to launch the majority of business email compromise attacks, which subject lines are the most popular and how scammers customize them to target victims in specific industries.