Automating the Provisioning of Kubernetes Cluster on Bare Metal Servers in Public Cloud

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As a means to modernize traditional IT and optimize increasingly distributed workloads, containers are becoming more widely adopted in organizations of different sizes. Kubernetes is driving the transition by providing a flexible solution to streamline container deployment and management.

In this white paper, phoenixNAP experts provide a brief overview of the container ecosystem and consider the benefits of deploying them on Bare Metal as opposed to Public Cloud environments. In this context, they analyze benefits of phoenixNAP’s API-driven Bare Metal Cloud solution for deploying Kubernetes clusters.

The white paper offers technical guidance and practical steps for automating server deployment and management processes with Bare Metal Cloud for streamlined Kubernetes creation.


  • Bare Metal Containers Demand and Use Cases
  • Challenges of Adopting Cloud-Native Infrastructure
  • Bare Metal Cloud Architecture and Automation System
  • Provisioning of Kubernetes Cluster