AnswerRocket: How Can AI Advance Analytics?

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Analytics should enable business people to make better decisions. Often, analytics are provided by data professionals and are too complicated for business people to use on their own. Additionally, manual analytics processes are susceptible to bias, incomplete data, and low adoption rates.

AI can actually solve business problems, perform analysis, and unleash insights for the users that most need them. Thus, this resource describes how AI actually advances analytics and helps business users achieve critical outcomes.

In this resource, you’ll learn how AI:

  • Creates a conversational search experience with natural language processing.
  • Performs intelligent analysis via statistical analysis, machine learning analysis, and customizable business analysis.
  • Produces interactive visualizations based on user preferences.
  • Composes smart insights with natural language generation.
  • Automates analytics workflows end-to-end with ML models, brute force models, and hyper parameter tuning.