Zoho Analytics: How Big Data Analytics Spur Innovation for Big Business

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The importance of big data analytics in driving company-wide innovation is often acknowledged but not always fully embraced by business leaders. 

A recent survey by Deloitte found that 63% of executives are aware of analytics but lack company-wide infrastructure and data sharing, and 67% said they are not comfortable accessing or using data from their company's tools and resources.

When data and analytics are at the heart of how a C-suite formulates corporate strategy, they have an advantage in every area of business. 

In this white paper, Zoho explores how handling data correctly and building it into the foundation of organizational culture can drive company-wide innovation. 

Read the white paper to learn how your organization can: 

  • Ensure excellent data quality 
  • Make analytics and innovation a part of every role
  • Build a quantitative innovation culture