Yellowfin: Why Open Architectures Matter in BI: A White Paper on Openness

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In the digital era, understanding the benefits of open technologies that allow for flexibility and provide architectural choice is essential to avoid vendor lock-in.

Lock-in occurs when the cost or effort of moving away from a particular choice (platform, vendor) outweighs the benefit of doing so, even if that choice is good for the business overall. The pain of moving is simply too great to consider doing it.

An analytics solution that accommodates open architecture is ideal, and makes identifying and understanding what is locked-in and what is open, is very important.

In this whitepaper, we delve into the importance of open architectures for long-term flexibility and future-proofing when deciding to adopt a business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform. It will take you through several important topics:

  • What openness and open architecture means for your business
  • Why technology lock-in is bad and where it can appear with your software
  • How to make more open choices in your analytics and technology adoption

To help you action the most effective, efficient and planned introduction of the latest embedded analytics capabilities into your software product possible.