Pivotree: Digital Commerce in an Era of Rapid Change: Trend Report

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The biggest eCommerce challenges facing retailers and brand manufacturers.

As they put digital transformation plans into action, retailers and brands face a number of eCommerce challenges that impact their business from analytics and reporting, to shopper experience, and inventory management.

Canam Research partnered with Pivotree and SAP on the topic of digital commerce, supply chain, and data management to conduct the Digital Commerce in an Era of Rapid Change Survey Trend Report.

Insights were collected from C-Level Executives, VPs, and Directors from companies on various topics:

  • Current eCommerce platform satisfaction
  • Biggest commerce, supply chain and data management challenges
  • How well commerce strategy and tactics have kept pace with customer behavior
  • Progress with personalization
  • Capacity of the current system to manage product data
  • Future focus areas for improving digital commerce

Download the Trend Report to see how your business is keeping pace and how your peers are improving digital commerce performance.