Orion Governance: How to Overcome Obstacles in the Unified Commerce Data Pipeline

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When the holiday season hits, retailers around the world must handle record purchases, exchanges and returns. 

All this commercial activity requires lots of data, leading to new data challenges – especially for companies accelerating their digital transformation journeys. 

Driving unified commerce management to profitability is one of the core challenges faced by retailers big and small. Human judgment will never go away, but its importance for tactical decisions for unified commerce marketing will diminish over time. 

As hard data replaces guesswork, there’s a need for a data management solution to help retailers unlock the value of their data assets. 

Orion Governance spoke with several national retailers managing complex and diverse IT environments to understand the obstacles retailers must overcome to improve or improve their unified commerce data pipeline. 

Read this whitepaper to understand: 

  • The challenges faced by retailers in the unified data pipeline
  • How to unleash the potential of unified data assets
  • How retailers can leverage Orion’s EIIG capabilities

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