A global survey of IT and security decision makers highlights serious concerns about the security of data in motion across networks and what you should do about it. How does your organisation stack up against the 5 key findings?

  • Beware of the danger of not encrypting network data in motion - 42% of respondents either don't encrypt their data in motion or don't know if they do.
  • Inadequate solutions are heavily used for protecting network data in motion - 69% of enterprise respondents say their organisations use firewalls for encrypting data in motion.
  • Avoid frequent patching and device swaps; dedicated encryption solutions are a better option - 70% of organisation respondents still use frequent software patches to ensure security is updated.
  • The cyber-threat of quantum computing and the importance of crypto-agility - 73% recognise quantum is a threat, but 61% have yet to define a strategy for a post-quantum world.
  • The key "­must-haves” for maximum data in motion security - The majority of respondents see the value in separating security aspects from the network functionality