DCF Special Report - Bare-Metal Cloud Computing

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Performance optimization is one of the critical considerations for IT leaders looking to move their applications to the cloud. As a virtualized platform, Public Cloud may result in some performance penalties that may degrade user experiences, especially for data-hungry and GPU-heavy workloads.

Applications such as online transaction processing and artificial intelligence model training need advanced compute power, which is why bare metal environments are more suited to them. Bare Metal Cloud Computing is therefore an emerging model of infrastructure delivery as it provides advanced performance potential with cloud-like flexibility.

This 2021 Special Report by Data Center Frontier explains how bare metal cloud computing addresses common performance concerns and how phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud solution can be used to automatically provision dedicated servers. The report also offers insight into the latest hardware technologies that help streamline processing of demanding applications.

Table of contents:

  • What is bare metal cloud computing?
  • Why would I use bare metal cloud computing?
  • Why is bare metal computing gaining momentum?
  • Choosing a bare metal computing service provider
  • What to look for in a bare metal computing provider
  • Processor matter