What Is Data Pipeline Automation?

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Today, there are no intelligent systems that deliver data at the pace, and with the impact, leaders need to power the business. The processes to consume and transform data are ad-hoc and manual, and the costs are unjustified.

Data teams need a new technology that will empower them to focus on business value rather than fixing code holding together a patchwork of point solutions. Data pipeline automation has the power to not only meet leadership demands but make order-of-magnitude improvements to an organization’s productivity and capability.

In this guide, we will:

  • Review the demands of becoming a data-driven business
  • Study examples in the history of automation
  • Demonstrate the immediate opportunity to automate data pipelines
  • Outline the specific new capabilities that define data pipeline automation

The time is now to adopt this shift and take a position that redefines how your company competes in the marketplace.