Audacy Shifts to Intelligent Data Pipelines To Accelerate Highly-Targeted Audience Growth

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Audacy is one of the biggest audio companies in the US — with 235 radio stations and a portfolio of podcast channels across 48 media markets. They selected Ascend to deliver new data products and station-specific insights 10x faster.

Discover how data pipeline automation enables Audacy's small team of data analysts to reduce the number of tools to a single platform and automate change propagation.

With Ascend, Aucady achieved these results:

  • Accelerate delivery from 45 days to 3 days
  • Deliver small data requests in under an hour
  • Eliminate pipeline outages and lost data that used to span months before it was detected
  • Reduce issue resolution to under an hour with instant error detection

With their intelligent pipelines powered by Ascend, the business can innovate radio advertising faster and capture new opportunities in the global shift to online radio. The pipelines acquire data from different sources that contain information about listener behavior and preferences and match it to advertising content.