Why Can You No Longer Afford to Wait on Advancing AI

Why Can You No Longer Afford to Wait on Advancing AI


Digital Transformation is Hard

Organizations want to develop advanced analytics and AI projects and accelerate change - but it's hard to transform. 

And it's difficult to find practical, actionable information about how to gain real outcomes and measurable impact from these initiatives. 

But what if you could learn directly from the real experts, practitioners, and thought leaders who adopted analytics and AI into some of the leading organizations in the world, and could apply these experiences, tips, and insights to your own AI and analytics projects?

The Challenge is Worth the Reward

Between economic uncertainty, disruption, the massive shift to digital channels, and changing customer behaviors, organizations must use data, analytics, and AI to deliver better customer experiences, introduce more operational efficiencies, and accelerate decision making. 

Yet analytics and AI adoption is challengin:

  • Adopting and using emerging practices like AIOps, MLOps, and DataOps.
  • Identifying if you have relevant use cases and business problems, available data, and the right capabilities.
  • Overlooking potential risks or value factors across ethics, governance, and end-users. 
  • Lack of a data lineage strategy.
  • Successfully enabling analytics and AI services.
  • And much more.

There's a lot that can go overlooked, and it can be a great help to understand how real global companies are approaching transformation.

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Taking a Page from the Experts

Did you know that luxury automotive manufacturer, Audi, was relying on traditional manual processes for quality inspection?

A group of 18 experienced engineers pulled 1 car off the assembly line per day to inspect. This process was time-consuming, costly, and resource intensive, which prevented Audi from progressing towards an Industry 4.0 model.

What did Audi do?

  • Used computer vision to inspect things as they happen, reduce latency, accelerate real-time analytics, and reduce costs.
  • Created a scalable, repeatable, accurate solution that helps them move towards Industry 4.0 opportunities.
  • Increased quality and lowered operational costs through automation. 

You can learn from Audi's transformation story, along with 8 other top global companies, and apply these insights to your own advanced analytics and AI initiatives.

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Understand how to use these insights to prepare and define the right advanced analytics and AI strategy for your organization so you can address your business problems and position your company for growth, innovation, and long-term success.

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