Digital Transformation Conference 2021


Published on
29/10/2021 11:59 AM
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Learning to digitally transform in 2021 is a tricky task as most organisations need to stipulate their objectives, their concerns and what they truly believe digital transformation will do for them. Of course, the act of digitally transforming has very niche requirements that relate very specifically to the requirements of each business, which always vary. 

We were lucky enough to attend several talks which highlighted the need to digitally transform while also showing case examples of how it has benefited their companies. One of these was "The Future of Flexible Work" with some key talkers from Chrome. Beyond this, we were lucky enough to nab some interviews with some of they key professionals who provided with us with some brief answers on some of the biggest questions in digital transformation.

What are the key challenges and objectives of digital transformation?

Many organisations aren't looking to digitally transform, and that's simply because they do not know what key benefits it can bring to them. For us, it's important to understand what objectives you can fulfil by digitally transforming. One of the key things organisations that have a clear vision of digital transformation look for is sustainable business models. How are they going to survive post-pandemic and what digital tools do they have available that can help them thrive?

We also looked into the key challenges for players that are looking to digitally transform. How do organisations even implement such a massive change to their organisation? What resistance to executives have to the transformation?

We explore both of these questions with experts such as George Elkington of Engine GroupMatt Stevens of Chrome Enterprise and  from Maynooth University, who through their unique experiences, provide us with a plethora of different answers that are relatable for anyone in the industry. 

When you digitally transform, how do you calculate ROI?

Anyone who is looking to digitally transform has to be monitoring key metrics to see how successful they have been. Are you measuring engagements? Link clicks? Sales? Having teams and technology that are dedicated to measuring these metrics can be a fantastic way to see if digital transformation for you. Learn more from  George Elkington of Engine GroupMatt Stevens of Chrome Enterprise and  from Maynooth University in this quick, bitesize video.

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