Copy Cat Group & Cisco: Small Businesses Working From Home

Copy Cat Group & Cisco: Small Businesses Working From Home


Copy Cat Group's and Cisco's Trusted Workplace Solutions help you adapt to the evolving future of work by ensuring your workplaces are trusted environments, from social density and proximity insights that help you maintain safe building and room capacities to remote operations capabilities that enable industrial workforce continuity. 

We deliver the adaptability and resiliency necessary to ensure worker safety and wellness and to build a safe and seamless distributed work model by expanding operational consistency across your environments. Our solutions are designed for change at any scale and any pace across your organization, technology, and industry landscape. 

Build a workforce and workplaces, that are ready for anything. Copy Cat Group can help you empower your business' workforce who get to work done from anywhere and ensure your workplaces are always trusted environments with Cisco's business resiliency solutions.

It's time to transform your workplaces to accelerate your digital agility in a cloud-first world. Our flexible payment options bring all solutions within reach, no matter your budget or needs.