Simon Hodgkinson

Simon is an experienced technology leader who has worked in the software sector, financial services, energy sector and has worked in a financial services startup company.

Simon combines advisory and executive roles for several organisations, including Onyxia, Performanta, RangeForce. Reliancecyber, Semperis and Zscaler.

Simon spent 18 years working for bp in a variety of global roles, the last being CISO. Simon transformed cyber security with a strategy of embedding security to simplify and accelerate adoption. Simon advised the bp board and has shared his expertise on numerous technology and diversity forums.

Prior to the CISO role, Simon was the VP of Infrastructure and Integration Services where he initiated the programme to move bp to the cloud, significantly improving time to market and user experience. Simon was accountable for a complex technology infrastructure in 80 countries, supporting 75,000 users across 600 offices and included critical national infrastructure.

Simon has led globally diverse teams in excess of 500, an annual budget in excess of $0.5bn and has negotiated and managed significant outsourced contracts.