Arie Van Bennekum

Arie van Bennekum Agile Thought leader/Strategist

“You are the Architect of your Own Life”
— Arie

Arie is a pragmatist who accommodates his pragmatism in structure, discipline and common sense. He is not afraid to enter untrained paths and take risks. He has done this since his first days in health care, later in the armed forces, and he continues to do so today. This has led to his special position as co-author of the Agile Manifesto. In the course of his Agile years Arie has become an expert in the field of business transformations towards Agile on the basis of strategic objectives and link this to very concrete objectives. He focuses on delivering value, bringing efficiency and creating support among stakeholders, through role and chain clarity based on the business model and the work packages.

The intellectual property IATM ( is basis for this. Arie strongly believes in leading on the basis of exemplary behavior and from that perspective is also constantly working on creating / strengthening an Agile (customer-oriented) culture. Moreover, within a culture, there is a strong focus on continuous development of professionals and organization, optimal performance based on knowledge sharing and feedback and clear task and division of roles, for an optimal value delivery to customers. In addition to the practical guidance of Agile transformations, Arie is a much sought-after speaker at international congresses, gives client awareness sessions and lectures at universities.

The dissemination of this Agile culture and way of working brings Arie in the strategic focus areas. Improving and connecting comes to the fore in every Agile process, as well as creating a performance and development culture. Strategic clarity is expressed in translating the strategy into specific workflows. Investment space is obtained by delivering more effectively, more efficiently and more customer-oriented. He has worked with a wide range of businesses in vast spheres, including retail, the energy sector, regional and national government, the tech industry, Fintech and many more.

Among other areas, Arie has over 30 years of experience in implementing Agile / Lean. His latest ICT developments are innovative projects, involving optimization of business processes completely intertwined in Agile/Lean, creating value. In the past Arie lectured at the university of applied science in Rotterdam (20 years), Amsterdam (7 years) and Utrecht (years).