Brad LaPorte

Advisor at Lionfish Tech Advisors and Partner at High Tide Advisors - providing Go-To-Market consulting and advisory services to investment firms and cybersecurity startups.

Board Advisor to 4 Early Stage Startups:
1. NetRise - XOT Firmware Security
2. rThreat - Breach Attack Emulation
3. RunSafe Security - Supply Chain Security
4. TBD - Cloud Security and Identity Startup in Stealth Mode

Former top-rated Gartner Analyst for cybersecurity, veteran US Cyber Intelligence, and product leader at Dell, IBM, and several startups. I have spent most of my career on the frontlines fighting cybercriminals and advising top CEOs, CISOs, CIOs, CxOs as well as other thought leaders on how to be as efficient and effective as possible.