Top 10 B2B Service Review Platforms

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Reviews and testimonials represent a powerful tool for companies hoping to capture the trust and attention of new customers. Around 95% of consumers say they check reviews online before making purchasing decisions. Increasingly, this number applies not just to B2C customers but buyers in the B2B environment too. What B2B customers value is the same as B2C customers.

As ecommerce and digital transactions increase in the B2B environment, B2B buyers are doing a lot of their own research online before they ever interact with a sales professional. This includes checking B2B service review platforms for insights. Around 41% of businesses say they use review websites before purchasing software, for instance. 

Today, we’re going to look at some of the most popular review sites for B2B clients in search of the perfect solution for their business.

10. Techreviewer

Built to help companies find and compare software development partners, Techreviewer ensures B2B brands can access services they can trust. The website makes finding software service providers easier and faster, giving you all the information, you need to make an informed decision. You can tell the system about your project, and using this data, the algorithm will connect you to highly rated providers in your area. 

Techreviewer is also home to a host of other useful resources for finding the best service solutions, such as top companies list in categories like software and web development. The platform is extremely easy to use and reliable.

9. Sortlist

A clean and simple system for sorting through potential service providers in the B2B environment, Sortlist is a delight to use. This convenient platform makes it quick and easy to find reputable professionals in industries like marketing, graphic design, branding, website creation and social media. You just type in the service you need and get a host of company bios, complete with location filtering and human reviews. 

Sortlist also makes it easier to discover which companies are generating the most positive reviews in your industry, with access to things like top trending business lists. Because the company keeps its resources up to date, you can rest assured you’re making the right decisions.

8. TheManifest

TheManifest is a complete selection of B2B resources for the modern buyer. Companies can visit this website to access data-driven benchmark reports, step-by-step guides on how to tackle business projects and more. You’ll also have access to a list of top-rated companies and agency shortlists, with reviews from real genuine customers.

The agencies shortlisted on TheManifest website have all been extensively researched and vetted to ensure customers get the best possible service from every connection. You can check out short lists for the top app developers, software development companies, marketing agencies, and various other categories.

7. GoodFirms

A website committed to helping millions of B2B technology companies find the right software products and services, GoodFirms has more than 30,000 unbiased reviews to examine today. This reliable platform simplifies the search for software, service providers, and even free resources in the B2B landscape. To help you find the support you need, you can also browse through solutions by categories like mobile app development, or IoT. 

The GoodFirms website is easy to use, with more than 60,000 vetted businesses to choose from, over 1000 research reports and surveys and thousands of discussions on the available online forum. You can even connect with the community to ask more questions about a service provider.

6. CrowdReviews

Recognised as one of the most popular software and services ranking websites in the UK, the CrowdReviews platform can help companies find unbiased information about B2B options. The rankings on this website are based entirely on genuine client experiences, with no pay-to-play services, so you know you’re getting an honest insight. 

The community-driven platform attracts users with a transparent algorithm, so you can get a behind-the-scenes look at how the most popular businesses earn their place at the top. Categories available to explore range all the way from responsive web design and web hosting to SEO software, social media management, and big data tools.

5. Agency Spotter

Specifically designed for companies looking to find support from the top marketing agencies, Agency Spotter will help you to sort through and shortlist more than 16,000 of the top marketing agencies in one environment. You can access all kinds of information about your potential agency, including reports, research, reviews, and business data. 

Searching for the agency you need is simple on this website, with the option to filter by location and service area. You can also build a shortlist of potential agencies which you can share with your colleagues to help you figure out who to contact first. Real client reviews offer useful insights into what it’s like to work with each brand.

4. Serv B2B Marketplace

Promising to help all kinds of B2B buyers find the right service providers,, otherwise known as the Serv B2B marketplace, is a reliable tool for reviews. You can browse through top-rated service providers in a specific location, choosing from a host of categories like development, design, finance, accounting, and IT services.

Serve allows you to request free quotes from the companies you want to consider working with, and there are top trending lists to browse through if you’re not sure where to get started. With a clean and simple user interface and complete commitment to authentic listings, Serv is a trustworthy solution for today’s bands. The solutions is particularly well-suited to companies in South Africa.


Clutch is a leading reviews and ratings platform designed specifically for companies in search of IT support, marketing, and similar business services. More than half a million buyers and sellers use the platform every month, with a growth rate of over 50% per year. The website has already been recognised by leading publications like Inc magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies in the US. 

Easy to use and recommended by websites like Forbes, Business Insider, and the Huffington Post, Clutch offers overviews into 150,000 agencies across 500 categories. You can also unlock useful leaders matrix visualisations to see how business solutions compare in your chosen niche. Companies to apply and share information about their business to get listed.

2. Upcity

Created to help businesses find more trustworthy service providers, Upcity is a popular B2B review platform packed full of real reviews. Users can search for service providers by category and location or check out trending service providers by niche. The Upcity website promises complete transparency, with a data-driven model to measure the real credibility elements behind any business, so companies can make more informed decisions. 

Service providers need to reach out and be approved by the Upcity team before they can earn a position on the site. Alternatively, Buyers can instantly start searching through thousands of profiles and reviews to track down valuable information for decision making.


Perhaps the best-known professional review site for B2B companies globally, G2 is home to more than 1.4 million authentic testimonials from real people. To make life easier for consumers, G2 sorts its reviews into categories like Project Management or Video Conferencing software. The company also allows users to search directly for a product name, software category, or service. 

When companies earn positive reviews on G2, they also have the opportunity to appear in some of the website’s top trending blogs or lists for the “best products of 2021”. The company also hosts a number of award ceremonies every year, commending the companies with the best consumer ratings.

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