Top 10 IaaS Providers of 2022

Published on
13/12/2022 10:55 AM

“Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS) provides companies with a way to manage and maintain the infrastructure of their business through on-demand, cloud-based virtual computing solutions. From data storage to cloud computing, IaaS solutions handle all the technicalities and hardware required to run the critical applications and workloads of your business. 

Whether you’re an enterprise with ample infrastructure resources or an organisation not yet able to support infrastructure on its own, choosing the right IaaS provider is key to being able to leverage the flexibility and scalability moving your company to the cloud can provide. 

Here are our picks for the 10 top IaaS providers that will help you digitally transform your business effectively and securely. 


Rackspace Open Cloud

We start our list with Rackspace’s Open Cloud, a market-leading managed infrastructure company and one of the first players in open-source cloud arena. 

Rackspace offers public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud IaaS solutions that are fast, effective, fully featured and, above all, easy to manage and maintain. 

One of Rackspace’s main strengths is its simple control panel, which makes managing and maintaining your websites and applications a breeze. All of Rackspace’s IaaS service levels include their ‘always-on-service’ scheme, which gives you 24/7 access to architecture advisors, cloud engineers, cloud services support staff and security experts. Though Rackspace provides fewer data centres than some of its competitors, it’s top-quality customer support and clear-cut functionalities makes it a highly accessible IaaS provider. 



One of the longest running IaaS providers on this list, Kamatera has been supplying cloud-based services and cutting-edge technologies since 1995.

Whether it’s web hosting, cloud firewalls, private networks, app development or other products and services Kamatera does it all and works on almost every operating system.

Kamatera is often praised for its high level of flexibility, scalability and customisation, along with its surprisingly affordable VPS hosting options. With a worldwide network of data centers, Kamatera is available to companies all over the world, but it is more suited to users with a dedicated development team, as its userface is designed with experienced users in mind.


Alibaba Elastic Compute Service

The number one IaaS provider in the Asia-Pacific market, Alibaba’s Elastic Compute Service offers fast memory and the latest CPUs that power cloud applications with rapid speeds and low latency. It offers many of the same features as other IaaS providers and few additional ones, such as AI tools, built-in distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) defences, and auto-scaling and and data migration.

Alibaba ECS’s biggest strength is its wide range of instance families, which work alongside thousands of vCPUs to become available for a single customer in a matter of minutes. All of these instances are offered as a pay-as-you-go architecture, allowing companies to only spend as much money on the instances as they require, making Alibaba ECS extremely cost-effective.  



Linode is a specialist cloud hosting provider that boasts all the high-performance edge services and scalability for your infrastructure needs. Its virtualised hosting was considered ahead of its time when it was launched in 2003, and it has since evolved into a global enterprise with 800,000 consumers in 196 countries. Recently acquired by Akamai, Linode has expanded upon its portfolio, offering virtual servers, storage, and networking solutions powered by data centres located around the world, with each location optimized for latency reduction and user experience.

What separates Linode from many of its competitors is its high performance SSD Linux servers which are especially useful for developers wishing to work with an end-to-end Linux based application workflow. Linux’s virtual machines are more complex than other operating systems, and thus more suited to companies with dedicated developers to manage them.



Based in New York, Vultr is a cloud computing firm that provides internet-based computation, storage and networking services. Vultr is ISO-certified, meaning all of its services adhere to the PCI data security standard. This adds an extra level of security to your data and enterprise infrastructure. 

Vultr also boasts some of the lowest entry-level cloud prices on the market, and though its high-resource plans are rather expensive, they still provide solid value. Unlike other IaaS providers, Vultr customers benefit from many additional features such as testing, vulnerability assessments and load balancers to predict and prevent problems within the cloud from happening before they happen.


Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a popular IaaS solution that integrates with various Linux distros and Microsoft Windows Servers. Its setup is well-designed, easy to use, and offers a wide selection of assets including network infrastructure and virtual networking, as well as an impressive selection of AI and data analysis apps. GCP provides a multitude of global private networks, with data centres in 15 regions around the world that promise speed and ease of connectivty, amc continues to build storage infrastructure around the world to meet the growing demand of its data centres. 

GCP’s huge advantage, however, is its reliability. All of Google Cloud’s services are hosted on the same infrastructure Google utilises for it’s own services, like YouTube and Google Search. Since Google’s servers very rarely go down, many companies trust Google to host their applications securely and wit little downtime. Though pricier than some of the other IaaS providers this list, it is thus one of the most secure IaaS providers on the market. 


Digital Ocean

Though DigitalOcean’s cloud service is built for developers, globally available,  high-performance software is suitable for any enterprise. The company takes a different approach to cloud services, calling cloud servers called “Droplets” to simplify cloud services. Droplets run one of four Linux distributions: CentOS, Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu. They do not support Microsoft Windows servers, however. 

DigitalOcean offers multiple benefits to the user. For one, it is easily accessible and inexpensive, with a clear-cut design that makes managing applications simple. It also offers a great selection of Linux and Unix servers spread across 12 data centres globally, which allow for a range of configuration options including 32 virtual CPUs, SSD-based storage, and a collection of services including at no additional cost. 


Microsoft Azure

It’s clear to see that Microsoft has been pouring plenty of resources into its Azure public cloud architecture, most notably in the IaaS solutions. Out of the box it comes ready to run with a variety of key services, including virtual machines, a group load balancer, domain controllers and many more, allowing your organisation to move onto the cloud quickly and efficiently.  

Azure really shines for Windows and Linux users, as it extends not only its virrtual infrastructure guest operating systems but also Linux-ased container architecture Docker as well, allowing you to run many different Linux distributions usch as Ubuntu, SUSE, OpenSUSE and CentOS through the cloud. But it is also supports a wide range of other operating systems as well, coming with server applications and languages that can be used to easily set up a website with .NET, Java, Node.Js and Pyrthon support. 


Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is among the most most popular IaaS providers for its sheer dominance in may areas of IaaS solutions. For one, It is one of the largest IaaS, offering a huge selection of services and tools in addition to an extensive list of third-party integrations. AWS can run various services and support a range of different operating systems, making it available to almost any company in the world. 

The vast array of services in AWS lets you build the cloud service your company needs. From cloud databases to e-commerce storfornts, AWS makes it possible to construct an end-to-end workload with custom-coded applications and management tools. Though one of the oldest IaaS providers, it has continually improved to stand the text of time, improving almost every area of its services to rival top competitors. 


Gcore Cloud

At the top of our list is Gcore, a Luxembourg-based leader in content delivery and broadcasting, security solutions and cloud services. Gcore Labs’ ultra-powerful cloud infrastructure is built on the newest Intel CPUs as well as cutting-edge Graphcore IPUS. This makes the Gcore Labs Cloud twice as powerful as its competitors, allowing it to handle the most demanding of workloads, including AI applications and metaverses. 

With a global infrastructure network in 130 locations across five continents, Gcore’s cloud record-breaking worldwide coverage makes it the most widespread IaaS provider on the market. It also boasts one of the most accessible assistance services in the world, providing 24 hour technical assistance in multiple languages, on-demand cloud region deployment, and hybrid and private cloud deployment. This accessibility, paired with its record-breaking performance, makes Gcore Cloud the ideal choice for enterprises around the world looking to move their infrastructure to the cloud.