Top 10 DBaaS Solutions for 2022

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24/05/2021 10:38 AM
Top 10 DBaaS Solutions for 2022

The “as a service” revolution has changed the way companies and customers consume technology. Through access to the cloud, we can unlock much more flexible purchasing experiences, designed to suit the needs of different organisations. Database as a Service, or DBaaS is just one aspect of this new cloud environment, helping to simplify the life of any business that needs access to a database for an application or task development project.
DBaaS isn’t just flexible; it’s easy-to-use and affordable. Even smaller businesses can access database solutions this way, opening the door for competitive performance levels that were previously only in reach for large enterprises. Here are just some of the leading DBaaS providers available now.

Oracle Database

Oracle is a world-renowned provider if state-of-the-art technology solutions, with many offerings available through the cloud. Oracle Database provides companies with access to immersive enterprise-scale database technology, available in a flexible cloud environment. Despite a highly feature-rich solution, Oracle promises its users a cost-optimised way to access database technology.

For those making the switch into a new data management environment, data migration is also available, with a dedicated solution and high levels of customer support to assist with any technical issues or questions you might have.


Another market leader in the technology landscape with a strong understanding of the cloud, IBM offers “Db2” as its database as a service. Tapping into the incredible technology background that IBM has to offer, Db2 is a DBaaS service built with AI access, perfect for taking your data strategy to the next level. You can modernize all of your existing capabilities in the cloud and deliver insights quickly to anywhere in the world. 

To ensure the highest possible levels of flexibility, Db2 for IBM Cloud Pak for Data improves data managed with a containerized version of Db2, perfect for companies that want to expedite their insights form information while managing resources and costs.

Amazon RDS

A stand-out solution among cloud innovators, Amazon Web Services offers some of the most flexible data systems on the market. Amazon Relational Database Service, otherwise known as Amazon RDS, is the DBaaS service that supports companies in establishing, operating, and scaling relational databases in the cloud with just a couple of clicks. 

The Amazon RDS offering makes it quick and easy for businesses to scale their relational databases in a cloud environment, with a cost-efficient and resizable capacity that comes with a host of features. You can automate time-consuming tasks, manage hardware provisioning, and handle things like backups and patching in the same place.

MongoDB Atlas

Promising one of the most innovative cloud database services on the market, MongoDB Atlas is a cloud-native solution that provides unmatched mobility and data distribution across multiple cloud environments, including Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS. There’s built-in automation included for workload and resource optimization and easy migration too. 

Popular among leading brands like Sega, Invision, and 7-Eleven, MongoDB Atlas provides the global cloud database for applications in a modern world. You can deploy a fully managed service across the cloud environments that you choose and enjoy compliance with the highest security and privacy standards too.


Completely open sourced and ready for growth, Aiven gives businesses a tool they can use to manage their open-source data infrastructure in the cloud with minimal stress. The service, already popular among companies like Toyota, Atlassian and helps companies to make the most of their cloud experience with no vendor lock in and predictable pricing. 

You can focus on development and creating applications while Aiven handles the data infrastructure. At the same time, you get the peace of mind that comes with a 99.99% uptime SLA, ensuring that your data stays accessible when you need it most.

Ninox Database

Visualising and leveraging data has never been so simple. Ninox database is the leading Database as a Service solution that supports groups like the NHS and Tupperware. With this all-in-one cloud database environment, you can manage everything from spreadsheets to custom applications in an environment that flexes to suit you. 

Users can drag-and-drop information to create forms, charts, and reports that offer deeper insights into their data. You can set up team accounts for members of staff and connect everyone to work from anywhere on the same aligned environment.

Google Cloud Firestore

The Google Cloud Firestore is an easy-to-manage document database that simplifies data for your applications and creations. With Firestore, users can easily develop rich and immersive applications with a scalable and fully managed document database, without any need for bonus servers. The technology helps with the acceleration of all kinds of mobile, web and IoT applications. 

Through your Firestore document database, you’ll have the ability to launch and update features or applications faster than ever, effortlessly scale to meet with changes in demand, and create fully customisable data validation and security rules to keep data protected.


Ranked among top DBaaS providers like Google and Amazon, Kintone is a highly collaborative cloud environment intended to bring teams together on application and document management and development. Kintone offers an easy-to-use interface where you can build, share, and automate various custom processes and workflows, to drive better results for the entire company. 

Kintone aims to make business operations easier by combining all of the tasks you need into a shared platform, along with the information they gather. You can connect all of the crucial functionalities in your business in a single environment and watch the results roll in.


ArangoDB is a cloud-based database solution that supports companies in natively storing and managing data for graph, search, and documentation needs. You can utilise high-performance access with a single query language whether you’re on-premises or in the cloud. ArangoDB makes life easier for people throughout the entire business landscape, whether you’re a developer looking to map data natively to a database and access it with the best tools for the job, or an architect on the backend.

Even data scientists can benefit from this database landscape, combining the flexibility of JSON with the power of semantic search and graph technology for better feature extraction options.


Probably the best-known DBaaS solution on this list and among the most effective options in the world, the SAP HANA database system on the cloud is an intelligent tool for growing companies. SAP HANA delivers a high-performance in-memory database experience that accelerates real-time decisions made with valuable data. 

As the foundation of the SAP Technology platform for business use, SAP HANA provides an advanced multimodal data analytics system, both in the cloud or on-premise. With SAP HANA Cloud, you can unlock advanced data tiering to help manage performance, storage, and costs in your organisation. You also get a fully managed environment that scales to suit you.