Top 10 Customer Data Platforms

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In today’s competitive business landscape, the company capable of offering the most personalised, relevant experience to their audience, is primed for success. Today’s customers have endless competing brands to choose from when making a purchase. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to understand your consumer, and their shopping habits.

Customer data platforms leverage the huge amounts of data generated by consumers on a daily basis. These tools can collect insights from your website, CRM, contact centre, and various other tools, to help you map the customer journey. The question is, which data platforms are the best? 

Here are some of the top-rated customer data platforms today’s companies can leverage to better understand and serve their target audience.



The Bloomreach Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a flexible solution designed to provide companies with a single, unified view of their target audience. This comprehensive platform promises to give business leaders the insights they need to make intelligent decisions about serving their target audience. Not only can you identify high-value customer segments, but you can also use the data collected to build more personalised engagements.

Super-fast analytics and flexible reporting from Bloomreach promise companies of all sizes an opportunity to grow like never before. You can even use AI solutions to help uncover some hidden trends in customer preferences.



An all-in-one environment for tracking and managing personalised cross-channel experiences, Insider is a platform built for the modern age of customer service. The solution easily connects data across channels, predicts future behaviour using AI, and helps teams to build individual client experiences.

With more than 880 brand customers, including Virgin, Samsung and Gap, Insider has proven to be a powerful tool for connecting the dots in the modern customer journey. The solution even earned a Leadership position in the Forrester Wave for cross-channel campaign management. With everything you need to understand and personalise customer interactions in one place, Insider makes amazing CX easier.



Among the top customer data platforms in the world, Segment is the trusted solution from Twilio offering support to over 20,000 businesses worldwide. Segment intelligently collects information from all of your mobile and web applications to provide a comprehensive toolkit for personalised customer experiences. 

The all-in-one environment ensures brands can unify touchpoints across a range of channels and platforms. Plus, the Segment environment can easily integrate with a range of existing tools. With an API available, even engineering and development teams can get involved with the power of customer data from Twilio Segment.



The MParticle CDP shows business leaders how to make better decisions about customer experiences, using an aligned multi-platform environment. Adding MParticle’s customer data platform to your technology stack transforms the way you handle customer information, ensuring you can make more valuable decisions about how to interact with your clients. With this technology, you can better understand and optimize everything from app lifecycles to CX strategies.

MParticle makes it easier to not only access valuable customer insights but get your team working together on more aligned CX strategies. You can run complete CDP evaluations and share all of the most important information with your workforce so everyone stays on the same page.



Blueshift is a pioneering provider of customer data technology, offering the omnichannel “Smarthub” CDP. This comprehensive engagement solution, powered by an internal data platform helps companies to deliver more informed, personalised experiences to their target audience. The Blueshift ecosystem promises to transform your sales and marketing strategy, with an environment offering relevant insights into clients in real-time. 

From within the easy-to-use intelligent hub from Blueshift, companies can create a variety of seamless omnichannel experiences to impress their target audience. You can even unify data streams from various channels regardless of type, size, and complexity.



An innovative customer data platform, CaliberMind helps to enhance the performance of your marketing and analytics team. With this streamlined and intuitive platform, marketing specialists can access valuable sales data, and vice-versa, to help improve funnel performance. Better data means better decisions made for the future of your company. 

Widely regarded as one of the best CDP options on the market, CaliberMind makes it easy to connect multiple data sources and create a single-pane view of your customer interactions. Your intelligent reports will make it easy to pinpoint areas where you can enhance the results your teams get from interactions with clients.


Tealium AudienceStream CDP

The AudienceStream CDP created by Tealium is a state-of-the-art environment for unifying customer data and accessing new opportunities for real-time customer engagement. Like many of the top CDP solutions on the market today, Tealium allows companies to align multiple data points for a complete and comprehensive view of their target customer.

As your team collects deeper insights about customer preference and behaviour, you can begin to build more personalised interactions to improve your chances of conversions and brand loyalty. Tealium even offers machine learning to help you predict what your customers might want next.



A leading intelligent customer data platform, Totango’s technology helps companies to connect the dots of distributed customer information, so they can accomplish more with their interactions. Through Totango, it’s easy to proactively monitor changes in customer preferences and engagement health, so you can act when it’s most important.

Totango offers a highly flexible environment for data management, with the option to view any data in virtually any format. The more information you collect from financial environments, support tickets, and customer interactions, the more intelligent your business decision-making becomes.



Offering sensational AI-powered marketing intelligence, Datorama is a solution offered by the Salesforce ecosystem. This all-in-one environment for evaluating and leveraging customer data allows companies to unify their marketing and sales data to empower teams. The easy-to-use environment provides a clean and intuitive environment for tracking customer journeys. 

With Datorama, companies can easily connect and maintain marketing data and use the information gathered to create a culture of constant optimisation and enhancement. With easy integration to the rest of the Salesforce ecosystem, it can add extra value to existing Salesforce investments too.


The Ometria customer data platform conveniently and quickly connects data from a host of touchpoints to help you build immersive profiles for your customers. This easy-to-use technology ensures companies can avoid the headaches caused by common data silos in the workplace. The solution even includes AI technology for intelligent decision-making.

With Ometria, you can get a more complete view of your customer’s journey across all touchpoints and combine real-time data with historical insights. There’s also access to technology for comprehensive data cleansing, so you can ensure you’re using the most accurate information.