Top 10 Identity Governance and Administration Software

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Best identity governance and administration software

The management and governance of user identification strategies has always been an important concept for business leaders. Knowing how to ensure your administration efforts remain as secure as possible is crucial to keeping a company secure.

As criminal activities have evolved, so to have our approaches to identity governance and administration. We’ve come a long way from using just one password for every user. Perhaps now more than ever, as companies continue to embrace the concept of hybrid and remote work, and teams log into cloud software from multiple locations, identity governance is increasingly crucial.

The Best Identity and Administration Software

For companies struggling to keep track of their workforce, the right software as a service solution can be an essential investment. Here are the top ten options for identity governance and administration software.

SailPoint Identity Platform

Created to simultaneously empower and secure the workforce, the SailPoint Identity Platform is a popular choice among business leaders in the current flexible landscape. Leading companies like GM and GE already rely on this technology for extensive identity security. You can use the Identity Platform to make informed access decisions via AI-based recommendations and transform streams of data into actionable insights.

SailPoint Identity platform also enables companies to build roles for their new users in a traditional or hybrid environment, with the access they need provided automatically. You can discover and protect all of your workloads and cloud platforms in the same space too.

Oracle Identity Manager

The Oracle Identity Manager is a comprehensive solution for identity and access management, created by one of the biggest market leaders in the technology industry. The Oracle solution helps to determine where each employee needs access to crucial technology, so you can reduce the risk of the wrong people accessing sensitive files.

You can build comprehensive deployment strategies for both on-cloud and on-premises workloads and unlock flexibility capabilities for identity management. There’s even access to integrated role and user provisioning and closed-loop remediation through built-in identity administration and analytics. Oracle also offers 360-degree views of user access with actionable reports and dashboards.

Okta Lifecycle Management

Named a leader in the 2021 Magic Quadrant, Okta is a comprehensive lifecycle management tool, brimming with solutions to help companies manage provisioning like a pro. The all-in-one solution comes with access to automated onboarding technology to enhance team productivity and ensure employees can access all the tools they need faster. 

Automated access management solutions with pre-set role-based access and provisioning also means teams can save time and money too. Okta allows for the set-up of flexible policies for all users at once. There are also manual provisioning and deprovisioning processes.

Saviynt Security Manager

A comprehensive as-a-service platform offering identity governance and management, application risk, cloud security, and more, Saviynt covers everything today’s companies need. The solution is ultra-flexible, designed to be deployed as a hybrid, cloud, or on-premises solution, so you can find the solution best for you.

Saviynt takes a zero-trust approach to securing privileged access in today’s ever-changing enterprise and was rated as one of the best tools in the marketplace by Gartner for IGA technology. Through Saviynt, companies can access tools for securing assets, people, and infrastructure more quickly and effectively than ever. Plus, the solution is built to be easy-to-use and deploy too.

One Identity Manager

Created by Quest, One Identity Manager promises to help companies enhance their cybersecurity posture with advanced identity security solutions. One Identity helps unify your approach to managing access rights for better control and visibility, so you can verify everything before you grant access to critical tools and assets.

The One Identity Manager has been defined a Gartner Magic Quadrant choice for PAM, offering unified identity security, privileged access management, and identity governance and administration all in one. There’s also active directory management and security, as well as identity and access management.

IBM Security Verify Governance

IBM Security Verify Governance, now in version 10.0, promises a state-of-the-art approach to making sure data and resources are protected in a digital landscape. The solution is an all-in-one service for cloud identity and access management technology, enabling frictionless and secure access for the full workforce.

As organisations modernise multi-cloud hybrid environments with a zero-trust strategy, IBM ensures they can avoid the stress of compromised credentials. According to IBM, companies can use its technology to modernise at the pace suitable for them, allowing them to protect their investment more significantly.

RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle

Otherwise known as SecurID, RSA Identity Governance and lifecycle is the leading solution for companies hoping to protect their accounts and information in a growing digital landscape. The premium solution is offered as part of the SecurID suite, which helped RSA to earn a position as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT risk management.

The SecurID suite also comes with access to a comprehensive forum and knowledgebase, full of valuable tools and solutions to help you make the most of your governance efforts. You can even access partner training videos and guidance on how to set up certain parts of your ecosystem.

SAP Access Control

Designed by one of the better-known companies in the digital landscape, SAP Access Control is an enterprise software innovation enabling companies to control access and prevent fraud across the enterprise. This solution minimises the cost and time associated with ensuring compliance in a digital world. There are also tools for monitoring privileges, certifying authorisations and more.

With SAP Access Control, you can easily integrate your technology with connected systems, analyse risk, and remediate issues as and when they happen. SAP also comes with tools for automating access administration for various crucial enterprise applications.

Symantec IGA

Built by the Broadcom team, Symantec IGA delivers comprehensive governance and management capabilities for access control through a convenient and easy-to-use interface. Designed to improve access management and controls without harming user experience for the wide range of professionals in your team, Symantec IGA has a lot to offer.

Symantec’s identity governance and administration technologies give businesses everything they need to maximise their performance through an easy-to-use and business-oriented interface. Self-service solutions even enable users to request new access to tools from anywhere, allowing for a more convenient hybrid workplace.

Omada Identity

Omada Identity is a leader in modern identity governance, adapting to the needs of your organisation out of the box, while ensuring you remain as secure and compliant as possible. The Omada solution was named a leader by the Forrester Wave for Identity Management and governance, thanks to its compelling value proposition.

The Omada Identity technology comes with full risk and security features, to give companies access to the efficiency, compliance, and enablement tools they need. You can automate user access to certain tools, and even create seamless workflows for your entire team.