Democratising AI and New Methods of Data Analytics

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using ai in data analytics

Methods of data analytics vary from business to business, with many organisations still facing problems that have been on going since the start of the 2010s. With many organisations still battling with data silos in 2022, new tools are being implemented to help leverage the mismanagement of data and assist companies and driving real value to their business.

Democratising AI and New Methods of Data Analytics

Using artificial intelligence for data analysis is nothing new; MarketsandMarkets recently reported that the worldwide artificial intelligence market will increase from USD 58.3 billion in 2021 to USD 309.6 billion by 2026. The problem is that organisations have very little flexibility with this technology and, more often than not, are unable to reap the benefits they truly need. 

There's issues with uniformity. There's issues with using a one-size fits all glove. There's issues with not recognising that organisations have very specialised requirements that they need to have met, and this can only be solved with a democratised approach to AI within methods of data analytics.

Throughout this EM360 podcast, Max Kurton speaks to Rohit Maheshwari, Head of Strategy & Products at Subex about the ways in which organisations can democratise AI through an augmented analytics platform. 

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