CxO of the Week: Gervase Warner – a visionary of Trinidad & Tobago

Published on
13/12/2019 09:43 AM

When we think of a conglomerate, we usually think of massive corporations based in superpowers. Companies such as Walmart, China National Petroleum and Apple come to mind.

So who are Massy Holdings?

While they are not that well known outside of the Caribbean, Massy Holdings are not to be taken lightly. They are a conglomerate comprised of over 60 companies. They have services and products in retail, insurance, automotive, IT, energy and industrial equipment.

Most importantly, Massy Holdings have stretched into digital transformation within the tourism industry. They have also created a variety of products within the field of communication in order to ensure smooth business proceedings.

Who is the man behind it?

Gervase Warner is the President and Group CEO of Massy Holdings. Having previously worked as a partner at McKinsey & Company and achieved an MBA from Harvard, the man is an industry veteran.

What’s most admirable about Warner is his approach to leadership. He dislikes the conventions of autocratic leaders; he believes in freedom.

"For me, I’ve had to come to master a particular style of leadership and really make it work. My natural style is to give people a lot of responsibility, autonomy to do things and be there if they need any help.”

Personally, I find this method to be inspiring. He certainly takes the reigns of a leader that cares about his employees.

Warner also has over 20 years of international business experience having worked in the United States and also Central America. His ability to work with different cultures and his adaptability are fantastic assets. In order to accelerate the growth of a business, one needs to be able to adjust accordingly to different demands from different markets.

His amazing ability to transform the market in the Caribbean and lead Massy Holdings as a conglomerate is what makes Warner our CxO of the Week.

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