Google launches machine learning website packed with training courses

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Google has launched a website and training courses to help people learn more about machine learning, the branch of artificial intelligence which seems to be of particular interest at the moment. 

Simply put, machine learning is a programming method which builds learning models, meaning, it instructs the computer on how to learn and make decisions. This is distinct from what could be called the traditional technique, which includes “if-then” and “do-while” loops, which have to be very specific otherwise the computer won’t know what to do. Learn with Google AI is aimed at beginners as well as experts and offers a wide variety of courses already, ranging from TensorFlow crash courses to “playgrounds” for deep learning, which is another branch of AI. Deep learning is said to be one step up from machine learning in that it is meant to ingest much more data and find patterns which are long-term and wide-ranging. On the company blog, Zuri Kemp of Google AI says he has realised that “AI is the future of computer science”, and wants to make its benefits accessible to everyone. He says the new site provides ways to learn about core machine learning concepts, develop and hone machine learning skills, and apply machine learning to real-world problems. “From deep learning experts looking for advanced tutorials and materials on TensorFlow, to ‘curious cats’ who want to take their first steps with AI, anyone looking for educational content from ML experts at Google can find it here,” says Kemp. He adds that Google has plans to add more courses and documentation to the new Learn with Google AI website over time.

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