Top 10 AI Chatbots Revolutionising Customer Service

Published on
13/12/2019 07:38 AM

It's no surprise many companies are moving to AI and chatbots. As businesses grow and reach levels of impossible demands of engagement from workers, new methods must be secured to assure unhappy or curious customers the level of engagement and conversation they expect when contacting a company.

Chatbots step in and automate this customer service process altogether, leaving most of the customers either happy with their conversations or not knowing any better with whether the recipient on the other side of the conversation is even human.

Below are ten AI chatbots changing the game and revolutionising the customer service experience.


Dialogflow is considered the cream of the crop among AI and Natural Language Processing platforms. Integrating both voice and text AI applications to Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexa, it's no wonder why Dialogflow is the most respected and well known chatbot language processing tool for companies with wide customer bases.

Dialogflow's voice recognitions and text integrations span across Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Telegram, Twilio, Slack and Skype to name a few. It evolves with its client businesses in order to stay updated with the ever-changing language of the users.

Its only flaw is the limitations one finds when trying to use the system for other languages, but even this issue has not been enough to kick Dialogflow off the throne of the NLP platform pyramid.


Chatfuel is user friendly, flexible for custom coding, open to third party plugins and requires no previous coding experience. Is it a match made in heaven with users? Possibly.

The AI chatbot offers live updates on data, news and highlights to keep your strategic engagement with users fresh and informed. In that regard support from community is wildly helpful and constantly offering new ways to succeed with custom coding.

Keeping a strong balance between that advanced custom coding and user friendly tools maintains Chatfuel at the top of the list of NLP platforms.


ManyChat offers accessible tools and a wonderful UI UX design that appealed to many users when trying to choose the best chatbot to work with. It's a great platform for people without coding skills, which promises a new beginning for the masses to begin interacting with bot implementation.

The company nearly sat atop the AI race between other Bot Platforms launched in early 2016, all struggling to be the most interesting and engaging.

While their tools offer a great amount of exploration for many of the not-so-savvy, it ultimately restricts what ManyChat can do with its coding and community resources, being very inflexible in that regard.


Budweiser, Marvel, Pizza Hut and TGI Friday being some of the big names Conversable have as clients, this software-as-a-service (SaaS) enterprise designs, builds and distributes AI-enhanced messaging and voice experiences across multiple platforms, including all the social media giants, Amazon Echo and Google Home.

For any large company with a fair amount of investment that can go into hiring coding experts, it is the secret weapon one needs to crush competition and drive home a smart and accessible AI system that leaves customers happy with their chatbot interactions.

For any company that is a small or medium business, not so much. It is sadly at its most effective at its least accessible, making its lack of user-friendly appeal drive away a lot of business.


With a similar integration technique to Dialogflow, GupShup is another promising company that guarantees a space to evolve its AI and machine learning alongside the customer. This is made possible by its impressive library of SMS, voice, text, NLP APIs.

Its downside is that, like Conversable, there is only so much that can be done before the coding requires more experience and dexterity when approaching it. Further its Dashboard UI/UX design is not the most prominent in the market.


A company that promises your own AI without the need to code, much of the appeal and popularity of Botsify is due to its simplistic view of making chatbots for everyone, not just the coding experts.

Among some of their guarantees and perks, users can go into Botsify and expect push notifications when someone requests human help, chatbot templates for different businesses like travel agencies or restaurants, and template cloning to avoid forcing users to start from scratch.


"Build your first bot in 10 minutes", says the website of this exciting new NLP platform. BotEngine's mission is to automate 80% of a business' cases, giving it the extra pair of hands needed for entrepreneurs not to feel like they're working around the clock to make things work.

BotEngine are partnered with and available to use over at Messenger, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, Kik and Slack, to name a few companies. It vows to do the work you don't want to do, messaging customers about the perfunctory activities no human would find themselves apt to do, like food orders or bookings.

Like other companies in this list, BotEngine emphasises the importance of integrating the AI among multiple channels, keeping people on their toes in more private or public chat spaces.


Clare.AI grants white label end-to-end digital assistants for companies to automate their processes swiftly and easily. The models are trained with data taken straight from the financial industry, making the AI more familiar with customers on a consumer-basis as well as based on their previous conversations.

One great thing Clare.AI focuses on is providing its services not just in English, but in nine different Asian languages, including Korean, Malay, Tagalog, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Japanese and Thai.


Bold360 ai works with a diverse range of companies, showing how far they can stretch their expertise with regard to offering a good chatbot and good AI. Some of these companies are recognisable names like Ikea, Vodafone, Thomas Cook, RBS, JustFab, FedEx, ToysRUs and Intuit.

Bold360 offer an easy and effective way to engage across digital channels from any local location with mobile management. It further understands customers and personalises every interaction through its data collection and processing. Bold360 also offers delivery from day one with no data scientists required.

Sounding almost too good to be true, this company also offers a personalised demo to drive how important personalisation is to them.


Twyla operates a little different, using what the company has termed a "hybrid brain" to enjoy the scalability benefits of machine learning with the added control of rule-based algorithms.

Twyla offers clients to track KPIs and measure ROI using their powerful analytics dashboards. Tracking both high-level quantitative metrics, clients can see how many chats the bot is having and how many are leading to human agents or satisfied outcomes.