2018 Top 10 Most Influential Technology Companies

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The end of the year is approaching and so we felt it was necessary to show you our list of the top 10 enterprise tech companies of 2018! Whether its cybersecurity, cloud technology, data or IoT, we care about it all!


Masters of innovation, Amazon have been making headlines frequently this year. Whether it's because they are working towards gender equality or because of their innovative cashless stores,  Amazon are certainly ahead of the game.


Looking for transparency in tech? Apple is doing just that! they recently launched a website that provides users with info regarding all of the user data it possesses! We felt that that was a particularly earnest thing to see in this day and age.

Beyond this, Apple is regarded as one of the leaders in smartphone technology. Their recent iPhone XR has been making headlines as one of the best phones of the year!


Probably one of the most well known companies in the world, Google have been making headlines because of their amazing innovations. It seems that every year, Google has made another form of essential technology that is performing better than the last.

Furthermore, Google is now helping other enterprises to build apps and grow in quality with their new "Firebase" platform. They have also been making AI more accessible for the enterprise!


By now, we should all recognise the importance of data. No one recognises this importance more than Cloudera. Because of this major epiphany, Cloudera has found a way to leverage data with innovative cloud technology! Their technology is also helping other companies become GDPR compliant.


Not only were Huawei our number one in our list of top 10 IoT influencers but they are also one of our top 10 influential tech companies overall. Why? Not only have they been overtaking most smartphones lately but they are also looking to dominate the cloud game!


We all know Linux as the operating system for programmers. The alternative type. What you probably didn't know was that the Linux Foundation is looking to fix the talent gap! Seeking students, developers and such, Linux are looking for talent to foster the development of AI models for the Acumos AI Project. They are even awarding the winner of the competition with $100,000!


Not only are Microsoft one of the immediate names that come to mind when you think technology but they are constantly looking for ways to advance. The idea of traditionalism is irrelevant to Microsoft; they're progressive. We spoke to Vanessa Alvarez recently about customer anticipation and it became apparent that they deeply care about their customers' interests.

Beyond this, Microsoft has been launching training programmes to help people acclimatise to the world of AI. Impressive!


If you've been paying attention to tech, it should come as no surprise to you that Intel is one of the leaders. Earlier this year, they proposed a bill that worked to protect people's personal data. With GDPR coming into place, these efforts are more important than ever.

Beyond this, Intel Ireland have created a new AI incubator programme at Talent Garden, Dublin City University. This will help more talented individuals to be trained in the realm of AI.

RSA Security

RSA are leading the cybersecurity game at the moment through their amazing approach to Identity Access Management. Possibly one of the most underrated tech companies in 2018, we had a chance to speak to their EMEA Pre-Sales Director earlier this year. He took us through their amazing methodology and technology, which you can find right here!


IBM recently made headlines at EM360 because of their cloud data management service. Not only did this time-efficient tool impress us but it certainly allowed us to understand the real depth of cloud technology.

Furthermore, IBM has impressed us with their blockchain accelerator programmes. IBM are certainly one of the leaders of tech in 2018.