CxO of the Week: Dr. Jun Wang, CEO and Founder of iCarbonX

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Dr. Jun Wang is the CEO and founder of iCarbonX, a company with the aim of improving health and helping to fight diseases through the use of AI and advanced data. Jun Wang is both a smart businessman and a visionary super-scientist. In 2005, he won the Lundbeck Talent Prize and has also been awarded the National Excellent PhD Thesis for Highest Academic Standing from the Ministry of Education, China. 

Wang is a veteran of artificial intelligence. Since his bachelor work, he has worked to develop AI technology. For instance, at the age of 20, he built a digital lady beetle that mimicked the behaviour of real lady beetles. This where his long history of developing neural networks began. 

Wang is passionate about nature and the beauty of the world. In particular, he is fascinated by every species’s learning program. With his institution the Beijing Genomics Institute, which he founded in 1999, he performed research on half of the known species of animals’ genomes in the world.

Wang’s fascination with genomes has allowed him to find ways to create “digital DNA”; a digital representation of one’s genetic makeup. His first creation of this was the digital version of himself that he created, which allowed him to discover that he had a genetic risk of gout. With his developed software, he was able to utilise advanced databases to find what to take in order to reduce this risk. For many, this would be a major lifelong achievement. For Wang, this was just the beginning of his adventure. His company, iCarbonX, runs many services that allow people to reach their optimum health through the use of AI. One of which is Wang’s “Meum”; a service that uses data and machine learning in order to find the best ways for people to take care of their bodies.

By combining a database of genetics, molecular profiles, phenotype and behaviour data with the generation of real-time information that provides you with personalised solutions to any health concerns, Meum allows the user to constantly reach their healthiest state. Wang’s incredible achievements and innovative technology set a precedent for many others in the field of AI and healthcare to follow. His incredible breakthroughs in the field of science are the reason why he is our CEO of the week.

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