Australian employees stressed by digital transformation says IDC

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In today's digital era, studies show the pressures placed on Australian employees to keep up with modern developments is leaving them stressed and unhappy. A study by IDC entitled Asia-Pacific employee sentiment survey 2018 found that 37% of employees feel they do not have the skill set to tackle digital transformations, with an astounding seven out of 10 who fear change.

While the step towards digital is inevitable with globalisation now driving modern economies, Australian employers may need to rethink their approach. More and more employees feel they are competing against technology as opposed to using the device to catalyse growth.

It's no wonder the employees are reluctant to move towards digital, as the study shows 49% of employees agreeing with the notion that their employer has not provided the necessary training to acquire the new digital skillset. Unsurprisingly, one-third of employees are expecting to leave the company within a year, making this a cause for concern for employers. 

Is digital worth it therefore? The answer is yes - As report by the Australian Computer Society shows Australia's digital economy could be worth US $104 billion by 2020 accounting for 7% of GDP.

The transformation to digital is a huge asset, offering major opportunities for a company. Australian employers need to make training and development the focal step towards digital. Managing director of Amazon Web Services Paul Migliorini confirms that “as a nation, they need to be investing skills for the long term.”

Employees could begin the transformation in a less daunting way, by building core digital skills gradually yet effectively. This method can help tackle the ongoing retention issue as reskilling can help motivate employees making them feel comfortable and even grateful for the digital developments at work.

All in all it doesn't have to be a battle - as employees are trained, digital will become a daily part of corporate life.

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