Attunity wins $750,000 deal with large telco to implement Microsoft Azure data lake

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Attunity, a provider of data integration and Big Data management software solutions, says it has reached a “strategic agreement” with a large telecommunications company.

The telco has signed a strategic license agreement to use Attunity Replicate to enable a large-scale data lake initiative on Microsoft Azure. The Attunity platform, which will displace the customer's incumbent solution, will integrate data from multiple geographically-dispersed data centres for real-time analytics.

The deal represents an initial use case and provides the option to expand as the project scope grows. The telco customer, which is said by Attunity to be a global telecommunications leader, required a solution for consolidating engineering data from several nationally-dispersed data centres into a cloud-based data lake.

This data included diverse sources including SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL. The telco found that its incumbent data integration solution could not address the scale and diversity of the data systems involved and decided to replace their existing solution with Attunity Replicate.

Attunity met their needs for a universal solution supporting their broad platform mix, and enables the reduction of manual labour, accelerates data ingestion to Microsoft Azure, and reduces risk by providing geographic redundancy in the event of a catastrophic failure.

Mark Logan, president at Attunity, says: “This is another example of a strategic win demonstrating how our broad platform support, including both legacy data platforms and modern cloud data lakes, has helped us win over market alternatives.

“We look forward, as this customer's data footprint grows, to growing our strategic relationship, expanding our solution to match their project goals and increasing associated revenue streams.”

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