Why Cybersecurity Measures need to be taken to new depths

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As technology grows, so do threats. Adversaries in the modern day are constantly finding new ways to damage businesses and steal information.

Gone are the days of antivirus; companies are now having to tailor their defence mechanisms in the same way adversaries are tailoring their attacks. One singular, fool-proof method is no longer effective because attacks are gradually becoming more specific to each organisation.

What's the solution?

With antiviruses failing to meet the expectation of many companies and yet many companies still relying on this technology, we are left with a problem. Do we remove our technology that we have depended on for so long? Do we restructure our security measures?

The answer to this is to reinforce our technology with extra security measures that adapt to the current landscape of cybersecurity. In this day and age, endpoint detection is essential.

What is endpoint detection?

Endpoint detection is a system that constantly monitors activity over one network and responds to advanced threats. In contrast to antivirus which just protects individual systems, endpoint detection serves to protect an entire network. This is more secure for many businesses.

We have recently seen some companies implement AI into their endpoint security. The advantage with using machine learning is that it allows software to automatically detect threats and adapt more quickly to potential adversaries.

By noticing patterns through machine learning, AI backed endpoint security can bring in a level of security that was previously unheard of. In fact, companies such as CrowdStrike are now incorporating endpoint protection that even works in real time. 

Even the former leaders in antivirus software are recognising the importance of Endpoint Detection. Slowly, we are seeing companies such as McAfee and Symantec  developing technology that provide a more in-depth level of security that is adapting to the speed in which current adversaries are working at.

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