New tool uses AI to enhance data protection in the enterprise

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Robust data protection is crucial to any business, regardless of size or industry. Now, companies could benefit from artificial intelligence (AI) tools to prevent unplanned downtime.

Enterprise data protection vendor Veritas has introduced a new tool that does exactly that. Veritas Predictive Insights uses AI algorithms to provide operational support before problems even occur.

The importance of data

Data is the fuel of the digital economy, according to the UK government. The OECD also estimated that by 2020 the global volume of data will increase by up to 40 times over from its 2015 volume of 8 zettabytes (8 trillion gigabytes).

Any period of downtime can therefore be incredibly harmful to businesses. For example, DDoS attacks can lead to a loss of profits, a harmed reputation, and diminished productivity.

Companies are now investing more than ever in managing, storing, and leveraging the power of their data. However, these crucial functions also demand the least possible downtime in order to meet service level agreements.

AI and ML in data protection

“Having consistently available IT systems is increasingly important to organisations that are responsible for managing, analysing and protecting more and more data points every day,” David Noy, VP and general manager of Product Management and Alliances from Veritas said. “This new technology harnesses the power of AI and continuous ML models to provide predictive analytics to IT staff," he added.

As a result, administrators are able to proactively support and rectify a range of potential problems - before they happen. In turn, companies can benefit from reduced costs alongside increased productivity and efficiency.

Eric Seidman, director of product and solutions marketing at Veritas, also said that the tool provides a central function for alerts. "They won't have to worry about looking at thousands of alerts on a daily basis," Seidman insisted.

Users can therefore focus on a more "prescriptive approach" to providing uptime, availability, and performance. This innovative tool could completely revolutionise the way companies protect and manage data.

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