WIB Machines Company Profile

WIB is a VC Backed, Tech Startup, operating across EU - US driven by the mission to merge online and physical sales globally, through its unique Automated Retail Channel which combines e-commerce benefits with the convenience of brick and mortar stores. The solution is based on the integration between a cloud platform and smart, patented automated stores capable to handle any kind of goods in any retail segment (food&beverage, tech, cosmetic&pharma, toys&babies and many more). Customers are enabled to buy on-site as well as online, choosing the most convenient WIB store from a map and picking up their purchases conveniently 24H7, while retailers can increase their physical touch points density, reaching high traffic locations (airports, malls, urban centers, hospitals, etc), driving sales across every channel and creating new value from the incredible amount of data generated by the web platform.

Among other unique benefits our channel of sales provides the highest sales per sqf, together with the lowest labour/operating cost, it's omni-channel, 24H7 and extremely convenient to end users. Digital Signage Screens, wi-fi hotspot and the gorgeous Italian design will also provide additional revenue streams offering a great brand awareness and a memorable user experience. WIB is not going to substitute traditional stores or the e-commerce, WIB is just going to bring new opportunities to the market contributing not to a Retail Revolution but to a Retail Evolution.