Top 10 B2B SaaS Companies for 2022

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Top 10 B2B SaaS Companies for 2022

If you work for a Software as a Service company, you will know that the industry is growing at an incredible rate, particularly since the pandemic. Companies have discovered that software gives them a more flexible way to tap into the tools and technology they need, no matter where employees might be. 

In an age of remote and flexible working, SaaS solutions are enabling B2B brands to empower their staff, maintain high productivity levels, and reduce day-to-day costs. From SaaS startups to industry giants, companies offer a range of solutions, from applications for invoicing, to tools designed for team collaboration. 

Today, we’re going to look at some of the leading SaaS companies specifically focused on the Business-to-Business market.



One of the most popular SaaS solutions among companies of all sizes today, DocuSign makes it easy to create, send, and share crucial documents with clients, and earn signatures. DocuSign has a host of templates you can use if you’re new to the online document world, and all the eSignature solutions comply with the latest regulations for auditing purposes. 

DocuSign makes it quick and simple to get through manual, tedious tasks, and increase convenience for businesses and consumers. It replaces the hassle involved with scanning, drafting, faxing, and printing large documents, and helps to boost agent productivity too. DocuSign can even help with analysing signer behaviour.

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Built to ensure intelligent engagement with customers at scale, Twilio is a comprehensive environment brimming with APIs and applications for the modern business. With the Twilio ecosystem, companies can build various new functionalities into their applications, including MMS and SMS messaging, or video conferencing. 

Twilio’s easy-to-use ecosystem is particularly valuable for companies building omnichannel strategies for consumer engagement. The solution ensures brands of all sizes can reach their customers on the channels they use most without compromising on things like user-friendliness or security. Twilio even has high-level privacy and compliance features in place.



Salesforce is a strong contender for the best-known B2B Software as a Service company in the world. The solution has become the number one solution for managing customer relationships worldwide. Within the ever-growing Salesforce ecosystem, companies can access a host of tools for improving sales, customer service, marketing strategies, and more.

Salesforce is packed with analytics and tracking solutions, so you can better understand how your customers interact with your brand. You also get a range of integrations with third-party tools for end-to-end intelligence. Salesforce is so popular; it even has it’s own training and certification options.



A company built on the importance of data in today’s digital world, Snowflake enables companies around the world to access essential functionality, like data warehousing, management, and analytics. You can access a wide variety of data and services solutions within Snowflake, to help you connect with your customers on a more emotional level. There’s also extensive data governance and security, to protect your information too. 

The comprehensive Snowflake ecosystem ensures companies can easily unify, integrate, analyse, and share all kinds of previously siloed data with absolute efficiency. You’ll have no problem gaining a single, simple, and seamless experience across multiple cloud and data environments.



While many collaboration and communication tools have gained more attention in recent years, from Slack to Microsoft Teams, few rose to fame in the B2B landscape quite like Zoom. Created to make video conferencing as simple and painless as possible, Zoom is now a household name among brands. With Zoom, companies can access full UCaaS environments, complete with video, audio, and messaging technology.

Zoom can support the development of immersive events, as well as webinars and presentations. You can also access a host of useful apps and integrations to make your Zoom experience more streamlined and efficient.



Financial management and accounting will always be crucial components of running a successful business. Xero simplifies invoicing, cash flow, and other elements of managing the financial side of your business. With Xero, companies can track everything from quotes to overdue payments and even connect with their accountants and bookkeepers. 

By showing you the ins and outs of how your business stays profitable, Xero can stop you from making dangerous decisions with your money. Access to things like automatically updating bank feeds also ensure you have all the information you need to complete your tax returns.



Although every business in the modern world is different, many share similarities when it comes to the essential technology they need to stay up and running. For instance, in today’s digital landscape, we all need to be able to share and store data efficiently and securely. Dropbox can help with this.

Dropbox allows companies to transfer large files safely, sync information among team members, and even organise complete projects using to-do’s, tables, and timelines. Dropbox acts as both a file storage platform and a smart workspace where teams can collaborate and use various tools for editing and managing content.



Atlassian is a comprehensive SaaS solution for software development teams and project managers. Offering more than 4,000 applications and tools to choose from, including IT help desk services and collaboration tools, Atlassian helps teams work better together. Today, the software available from Atlassian helps companies to create state-of-the-art offerings for various industries.

Popular products within the Atlassian portfolio include Jira Align for Agile planning, Trello for visual collaboration through any project, and Jira software for issue and project tracking. Companies can mix and match tools based on their needs.



Square is a payment processing company with a long-standing presence in the software and B2B market. Introduced in 2009, the company enabled countless companies to take payments in various environments, with simple hardware and software. Today, millions of small companies use Square to track sales and inventory worldwide.

Square’s product portfolio is rapidly growing, including everything from point-of-sale systems to tools for building your own free website online. You can even track and sync products across online and offline environments if you’re growing your business.



Currently the world’s most popular ecommerce store builder, Shopify allows entrepreneurs of all backgrounds to bring their ideas to life online. The Shopify ecosystem is built to put simplicity first, with easy-to-use templates for designing your own store, and integrations with a host of tools which make your business more efficient and effective. 

Shopify is an ultra-convenient tool for today’s business leaders, with access to everything from multiple payment processing tools to connections with email marketing services. Shopify has become one of the must-have services for today’s brands.