Top 10 Log Management Tools for 2022

Published on
14/02/2022 10:08 AM

Log management tools examine the data generated by network devices to help track security threats. Countless components in today’s digital business landscape produce data, from firewalls and routers, to switches, servers, and databases. All of this data can be analysed by the log management tools in your ecosystem, to find potential issues. 

Through state-of-the-art log management technology, it’s easier to consolidate, index, and evaluate machine data. The question for today’s business leaders, is why log management tools are most likely to generate the best results?

Here are some of the most appealing log management tools worth looking at in 2022. 


SolarWinds Log Analyzer

SolarWinds Log Analyzer is a comprehensive log analysis and management tool from SolarWinds, created to integrate fully with the Orion Platform and providers users with the tools they need to discover the true potential of their log data. With access to real-time log collection, visualisation, and analysis, you can easily refine your log information, and gain deeper insights into your operations.

You can act on critical events with integrated Orion alerts, and quickly visualise log volume, search results, and more through interactive charts. The comprehensive investigation and troubleshooting tool covers everything.



Delivering “cloud monitoring as a service”, Datadog ensures users can see inside any stack, or app at any scale, without issue. Recognized as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for APM, Datadog can cover everything from security and network monitoring, to log management. The full and comprehensive ecosystem of tools comes with turn-key integrations, automation tools, source control and bug tracking functionality. 

Full visibility into all of your applications and tools through Datadog helps to ensure you’re getting the most out of your technology and reducing potential issues as much as possible. You can even set up automatic alerts for your log data. 


Sematext Logs

A unique Log Management as a Service solution, Sematext Logs gives companies a central location for tracking and analysing logs in the cloud. You can collect log information from any element of your software stack, as well as network hardware, IoT devices and more. Sematext logs also supports sending logs from containers, infrastructure, applications, custom events and more.

Searching logos with Sematext is easy, thanks to a Google-like query solution. You can also create custom dashboards with real-time data to help you track important trends, and automatically trigger notifications.


ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

If you’re keen to gain better insights into what’s happening in your network, ManageEngine has you covered. The ManageEngine EventLog Analyser is a state-of-the-art solution for log tracking, auditing, and IT compliance. You’ll be able to access a comprehensive technology overview with this software, examining perimeter devices like routers and firewalls, servers, and applications.

The technology comes with real-time log coordination, and the ability to audit log devices. You can also access integrated compliance elements and conduct in-depth application reviews all within he same convenient application. 



Splunk is a company offering a wide selection of technology innovations for the modern landscape. The Splunk log management solution designed for Windows, MacOS and Linux is a well-known utility within the system administration landscape. There are three versions of this monitoring software available, including a version which offers a full network management system. 

Splunk comes with its own data sorting and filtering functionality built-in, and users can also write out to files using the analyser technology. There’s even a free version of the software available, though the functionality is somewhat limited.



Promising a comprehensive platform for the complete control of your log data, LogDNA is a comprehensive tool for ingesting, processing, and analysing information. Trusted by companies like IBM Cloud and Lifesize, LogDNA ensures companies can get more insights from their logs with intuitive and easy-to-use querying, visual graphs, boards, and screens.

You can set up presence and absence alerts to let you know when something goes wrong, and even access Kubernetes enrichment options too. You’ll also have full control over who can access your logs with powerful role-based access.



Part of the opensource technology landscape, Fluetnd allows users to build their own unified logging layer which combines everything from AWS, GCP and Hadoop, to NGINX and web app logs. Via a comprehensive unified logging layer, the Fluentd technology decouples data sources from various backend systems for simple and flexible outcomes.

There are more than 500 plugins to connect your log management ecosystem to as many outputs and sources as you like, without compromising on user-friendly functionality. Already, more than 5,000 data-driven companies rely on the Fluentd technology.



Logalyze is one of the better-known open-source log management tools, SIEM and log analytics solutions on the market. The system is completely free to use, which means all you need to do is download the software, and you’ll be able to start connecting your data sources and tracking potential issues with your technology stack.

The easy-to-use environment works like a huge pipeline, in which multiple network devices, applications, and servers can feed information into the same environment using the SOAP method. This solution can even be configured in less than an hour.



Promising industry-leading log management, Graylog is a cloud-based solution for log analysis, featuring seamless log data collection, fast analysis, and sensational business insights. With Graylog, business leaders can access the answers they need to a range of application, security and infrastructure questions, through carefully combined and correlated log data. 

Graylog’s cloud-based technology helps to prevent downtime by identifying and stopping threats before they cause significant problems in your business. The technology can also enhance auditing processes, and eliminate the complexities often involved with logging.


Netwrix Auditor

Built specifically to reduce the burden of IT auditing, Netwrix auditor helps with all manner of log correlation and management requirements. With this state-of-the-art software, companies can detect potential security threats fast, prove their compliance and enhance the efficiency of their IT team. The clean and simple interface even offers access to automated alerts and notifications. 

With Netwrix, companies can minimise their IT risks, and spot threats as they begin to emerge. You can even integrate your solution with a range of essential IT systems, including Windows Server, Active Directory and Oracle Database.