Wayne Eckerson and Rishi Bhatnagar on Collaborative Approach to Pervasive BI

Wayne Eckerson & Rishi Bhatnagar on Collaborative Approach to Pervasive BI - January 19, 2023 at 3pm EST

Business intelligence (BI) products have long been on a quest to achieve widespread adoption. Historically, only analysts and power users have utilized BI tools, but vendors have struggled to make them accessible to the general public. Many BI tools are either too complex for non-experts or lack the functionality required by power users.

To overcome this, BI vendors must go beyond traditional, pre-built queries and drill-downs and instead focus on natural language-driven interactions and collaboration.

These approaches have the potential to attract a wider audience to the analytics revolution. The next Eckerson Group Webinar features a Q&A session between EM360-partnered analyst Wayne Eckerson and Rishi Bhatnagar, CEO of Quaeris and a visionary in this field.

During the webinar, you will learn:

  • The limitations of current BI tools
  • How natural language can increase BI usage
  • The role of collaboration in driving adoption and making BI tools more widely used
  • Ways to enhance existing BI tools with collaborative capabilities.

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