Tech talent feeling 'Finnished' with 2020 turmoil are invited for a paid relocation to Helsinki


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The Finnish government is enticing Silicon Valley-ers to move to Helsinki by offering a paid-for, three-month stay. This opportunity will give the Valley's tech talent a chance to try the Finnish tech scene out for size, as well as scope out the region for permanent residence. The deal is mutually beneficial: Finland taps into Silicon Valley's tech talent, while the professionals themselves can move to a country where they can "live more and worry less". 

Of course, the latter is more welcome than ever, given that 2020 has been... well, you know. The US in particular has experienced a unique strain of turmoil, from the anticipation and political unrest surrounding the election, to the social injustices that are exceptionally rife in the region. Finland, on the other hand, is poised to emerge 2020 pretty much unscathed. No prolonged lockdown, no wildfires, no extreme social injustices of note – it's enough to make anyone pack their bags and not look back. 

Better still, Helsinki and Finland have both received recognition as the happiest places in the world. Finland is also renowned for its impressive work-life balance, having pioneered flexible working for many years now. For tech professionals that need to consider their families, they will be delighted to learn that Finland is considered the best country for expats and is also home to the best education system in the world. 

And for tech professionals themselves? Well, Helsinki is #4 in the running for emerging startup ecosystems globally. What's more, it's attracting the most VC investments in all of Europe. The Helsinki Business Hub also cites the region as a "world-leading technology hub in a value-driven society."

The program asks potential applicants the following:

Isn’t it about time to sharpen your focus on realizing your potential? To balance your body and mind by enjoying good life and beautiful nature? To sleep at nights without thinking of problems in education, healthcare and housing?

You know, it’s not a question of time. It’s a question of place. In Helsinki, you can.

The program offers a range of perks, including: 

  • All the documentation needed for a 90-day stay
  • Airport pickup and orientation services
  • Housing arrangements for you and your family
  • School/daycare arrangements for children
  • Top-notch facilities for efficient remote work and study
  • Relocation consultation during the whole stay
  • In-person introductions to technology hubs and business networks in the Helsinki region
  • Get-togethers and Finnish experiences during the 90 days
  • Support to apply for permanent residency and everything needed for a longer stay

All sounds very exciting and Utopian, right? what's the catch?

The 'catch' is that competition is super-fierce, with only 15 places available. Oh, and the cold... going from Silicon Valley sunshine to freezing Finnish temperatures might be quite a shock to the system!

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