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'Fedha' made her Twitter debut on Kuwait News, an affiliate of the Kuwait Times.

She appears as a woman with light hair, dressed in a black jacket and a white T-shirt.

أول مذيعة في #الكويت تعمل بالذكاء الاصطناعي

#فضة.. مذيعة #كويت_نيوز الافتراضية

• ما هي نوعية الأخبار التي تفضلونها بتقديم #فضة زميلتنا الجديدة؟ .. شاركونا آراءكم

— كويت نيوز (@KuwaitNews) April 8, 2023

According to Abdullah Boftain, deputy editor-in-chief of Kuwait News, the move tested AI's ability to provide "new and unique material."

Fedha, according to Mr. Boftain, may develop a Kuwaiti accent and read online news bulletins.

"Fedha is an old Kuwaiti term that refers to the metal silver. We generally associate robots with silver and metallic colours, so we blended the two "He stated.

According to Mr. Boftain, the presenter's blonde hair and light-colored eyes symbolise the country's diverse population of Kuwaitis and expats.

Has this been implemented before?
Kuwait is not the first country to introduce an AI-generated news presenter: China's state news agency unveiled its own synthetic newsreader in 2018, complete with a stylish suit and a rather robotic voice.

China AI presentor


Is this the end for our careers?
According to a report released last month by investment firm Goldman Sachs, artificial intelligence (AI) might replace the equivalent of 300 million full-time jobs.

According to the analysis, technology might take over a quarter of labour responsibilities in the United States and Europe, but it could also imply new jobs and an increase in productivity.