CxO of the Week: Donna Kimmel, EVP and Chief People Officer at Citrix

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Donna Kimmel is the inspirational Chief People Officer and Executive Vice President at Citrix. The company offers today’s business leaders a digital workspace platform. With Citrix, organisations can access everything they need to stay productive in the same unified environment. 

Kimmel came to her role with Citrix with an extensive history in interpersonal communication, organisation development, and human resource management. Throughout an incredible history with various leading brands, Donna has proven herself to be an incredible source of insight and leadership skills. 

A Resource and People Expert

After earning her MSOD from the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School, Kimmel started her career as a Human Resources Manager for Doylestown Federal Saving & Loan. Donna stayed in this position for just over eight years, before shifting to a job as the HR Manager of Fannie Mae for four years. 

Donna has more than 30 years of experience creating and implementing programs for finding and onboarding amazing business talent. Kimmel believes that the key to success in any team is creating an engaged and diverse workforce that make accessing the extraordinary easy. Throughout her career, she has developed countless comprehensive large-scale business initiatives. Kimmel also has extensive experience supporting business culture transformations. 

Before her role with Citrix, Kimmel was the SVP of Human Resources for Internal Game Technology (IGT). She moved into this role after an extensive history with both Sensata Technologies, as the SVP of Human Resources, and Texas Instruments. With Texas Instruments, Donna was a Global Learning and Development Manager, an HR Manager, and a VP of Global Human Resources. 

Today at Citrix, Kimmel is responsible for all aspects of fostering, identifying, and supporting top talent for the company. She also oversees the organisational campaigns that improve engagement within the business. 

A Respected Leader in Her Field

Donna is a trusted HR leader with an impressive career history. Throughout the years, she’s helped companies with everything from corporate reorganisation processes, to M&A integrations. 

When she’s not helping the Citrix team grow, Donna is an active member of the community, serving on the Equality Means Business Board of Advisors. Kimmel is proud of her connection with the largest civil right organisation in Florida. She’s also on the Board of Directors for the Rhode Island University International program for Engineering. 

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