Top 10 CRM Products to Consider in 2021

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Customers expect more from companies today than ever before. They know that companies have access to data and tools that can help them to build personalised experiences, so they hate being treated like a number. Your clients want to have streamlined, contextual interactions with you across multiple channels and platforms. To enable this, companies need the right tools. 

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is a tool for collecting data about customer and company interactions. The data collected in a CRM can come from multiple channels, including social media channels, support logs, and reviews. The better your CRM, the clearer your picture of your customer journey can be, leading to stronger business decisions.

So, which are the best CRM products right now?


Another example of a cloud-based CRM, Zoho is one of the best-known names in the marketplace. The brand has a presence over more than 180 countries, and it’s great for converting leads, creating revenue, and transforming business operations. This multi-channel CRM aggregates data from various sources, including live chat, emails, social media, and calls. 

Your team members can access real-time analytics and notifications to help them support each customer, and you can even assign targets to individual team members. Zoho also comes with a range of automation options to simplify your customer engagement strategy. 


Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is the biggest name in CRM technology for a reason. Delivering some of the most advanced customer engagement management opportunities around, Salesforce can help any company to grow. There’s everything from rules-based lead scoring, to artificial intelligence insights and campaign management here. You can even create automated B2B marketing campaigns. 

A Salesforce mobile app makes keeping track of customer interactions a breeze, and you can also create configurable dashboards to track sales outcomes. No matter what you’re trying to accomplish, Salesforce has you covered. 


According to Pipedrive, its technology can help companies close up to 28% more deals within a year.  Pipedrive is a combined solution for both CRM strategy, and sales pipelines. You can use the same service to measure the quality of your leads, set up stages for converting people into customers, and more. People love Pipedrive for it’s clean and convenient interface.

There are plenty of reports and analytics solutions to help you track the progress you’re making towards growth. You can even automate certain sales and service activities to take some of the pressure off your reps and agents. 

Agile CRM

Agile CRM promises smoother sales strategies, and stronger customer relationships. The all-in-one environment is ideal for reducing the number of dots you need to connect in the business back-end. You can automate sales, marketing, and service strategies in the same platform, reduce data leaks, and enable a more consistent experience. 

Agile is a great choice for smaller businesses because it’s affordable. You can implement your technology fast and add new features or integrations as your business grows. The cloud-based SaaS service ensures that you’re never locked in. 


Formerly known as Freshsales, Freshworks is a simple and effective customer experience tool. Popular for its easy-to-use interface and a variety of advanced features, like AI-based lead-scoring, Freshworks is versatile and accessible. No matter what size of business you’re running, you can experiment with Freshworks to improve team productivity, create successful workflow automations, and even design a fantastic pipeline for sales.

Depending on the plan you buy, you can access more advanced features, like sales pipelines, bulk emailing campaigns, smart matching strategies, and advanced reports. API access is great for developers too. 


A multi-award-winning CRM solution, Apptivo currently has hundreds of thousands of customers around the world. This comprehensive CRM makes managing your schedules, contacts, and notes as quick and simple as possible. Even the free account gets access to things like invoicing, project management tools, order tracking, and a help desk. 

Apptivo is a flexible solution, which allows you to connect your project management, CRM, invoicing, and other tools into a single landscape. Users also can access their Apptivo account on any device, including smartphones and tablets. 


Insightly is a popular unified platform for CRM, marketing, sales, and project management. Designed to help companies build their businesses faster, Insightly offers an end-to-end view of every interaction you have with clients. You can connect the system to the apps you already use, examine the potential of certain sales paths, and create marketing journeys. 

With a low basic price, Insightly is one of the best value CRM products on the market. It comes with plenty of storage space for managing information, and a host of extra features like API access, unlimited custom reports, and task management. 

Hubspot CRM

HubSpot is an incredible CRM solution that’s all about business growth and scalability. You can start accessing basic features for free, then gradually add new functionality as your company grows. HubSpot gives you an all-in-one environment where you can track your sales accomplishments in real-time, examine customer trends, and automatically collect interactions. 

Timeline views on HubSpot make it easier to follow up on interactions with leads, and you can send personalized email sets or set up relevant marketing solutions all in the same landscape. The marketing hub that works alongside the HubSpot CRM comes with various tools for improving ROI, from solutions for SEO, to landing pages. 


Promising an all-in-one offering for CRM, smart email, and marketing automation, SharpSpring is a powerhouse of potential. With SharpSpring, you can easily detect leads and opportunities at key points in the customer journey. The easy-to-use interface available through SharpSpring ensures that you can keep a close eye on your customer, and their needs. 

A major benefit of SharpSpring is that it allows for built-in and 3rd party integrations too. If your team already uses a range of valuable products for managing support tickets and customer engagement, you can build a single pane of glass. 


Simple and smart, Nimble CRM is a convenient tool for people already using the Microsoft 365 or G-Suite environments. Ideal for smaller companies, Nimble can combine all your insights and interactions with customers into a comprehensive environment that’s easy to track. From clean and bright interfaces that are easy for beginners to use, to social media integrations and smart scalability, Nimble has a lot to offer. 

Already, Nimble claims a range of powerful companies like Upwork, FlexJobs, and GoDaddy in its list of happy customers. The solution as also a GetApp market leader in salesforce automation and real estate CRM.