Calamu Protect™ is a next-gen data protection platform that proactively secures data during a breach while maintaining seamless business operations. As an added layer of security on top of traditional data protection and storage solutions, Calamu bridges the gap between security defenses and reactionary backup to ensure that valuable data is rendered valueless to unauthorized users. A patented multi-step process encrypts, fragments, and scatters data across multiple cloud and on-premise repositories based on a customer’s requirements. The result is a virtual data harbor, an environment where data cannot be exfiltrated and weaponized against the company for costly extortion tactics, and is always accessible for authorized use. Even if a cloud provider or on-premise data center becomes compromised or suffers an outage, the unmatched resiliency provided by Calamu keeps your business running.

Calamu was founded by experts in cybersecurity and data privacy with the mission of making the cyber world a safer place. The company is pioneering the use of self-healing technology to automatically mitigate the impact of a ransomware attack or data breach. For more information on Calamu visit