Reuters NEXT is gathering global leaders and forward thinkers ?? to reimagine solutions to the challenges the new year brings on December 1-3 2021. 

? "No country, company, or community can tackle the future alone. To build a better world, thinkers and doers must come together to share ideas, collaborate and act."

Reuters NEXT presents...

  • 150+ speakers addressing climate change, the future of the office, the finance revolution, and racial and global inequality. 
  • A symposium built around five key pillars covering the key themes that affect us all: policy of progress, the business of growth, a sustainable future, radical redesign, and a fairer world. 

The virtual conference draws on Reuters' global reach ? to host diverse voices from around the world who will examine different topics from different perspectives, bringing their passion, experience, and expertise to find new ways forward. Whether you work in tech, government & policy, telecommunications, finance, health, retail, or manufacturing, this December is your chance to be a part of the world’s largest movement to create a new vision for a better tomorrow.

Get access to live and on-demand presentations, fireside chats, and breaking news across 3 days and make your voice heard through live Q&As.

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